moreWhat Happened When – Mary Whitney’s List


Compiled by

Mary E. Whitney

1887 Jan 27   Lake Hemet Water Company & Hemet Land Company          founded by Edward L. Mayberry and William F. Whittier.

1887   Little Lake constructed between Stetson and Thornton, east of Lake St.

1888   Rail service from Perris to the San Jacinto Valley started.

1890   Lake Hemet Dam started in Hemet Valley, San Jacinto Mountains.

1891   First child born in Hemet-Mae Romero, daughter of Francisco.

1891  Flour mill constructed by Wm McCool on Latham beside RR tracks.

1891   Hemet Union High School District formed by San Diego County Supervisors, composed of Old San Jacinto, New San Jacinto, Harmony,and Diamond Valley School Districts.  First Hemet High School was in a second floor San Jacinto business.

1892 Feb 25   Map for Town of Hemet recorded in San Diego County.  Boundaries:  Devonshire ave,north; Gilbert St, west; Acacia Ave, South; Buena Vista St, east.

1892   Hemet Post Office established in the Spring.

1893 May   Riverside County formed from San Diego and San Beernardino Counties.

1893 July   First telegram sent from Hemet to Riverside.

1893   Hemet Elementary School opened at Alessandro and Florida.

1893   Santa Fe Depot constructed in Hemet at Front St. & Latham Ave.

1893 Dec   Hemet News founded by Joe Kerr and wife Emma Fowler Kerr.

1894    Hotel Mayberry constructed on S/S Florida between Harvard and State, electricity included.

1894   Hemet High  School constructed N/W corner of Acacia and Buena Vista.

1894   Baptist Church constructed on donated lots at Kimball and Harvard.

1895 Oct   Lake Hemet Dam completed to 122 & 1/2 feet  in Hemet Valley in SJ Mtns.

1895   Hemet Population-200.

1895 June   Whittier Opera House opened on north Harvard; burned down on 9/1899.

1897   Electric light installed in the middle of  Harvard and Florida.

1898   Hotel Mayberry became Hotel Hemet-Whittier in charge.

1898   1893 Depot burned down in Dec 1897; new depot constructed.

1899 May   Bank of Hemet started on north Hatvard, east side store front.

1899 dec 25   Major earthquake in San Jacinto Valley.

1902   Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Company lineman put crow- arms on poles and installed telephone lines.  One suburban and three town lines were in operation.

1902 June   Edward L. Mayberry dies at his El Molino Ranch-68 years old.

1903   Hemet Milling and Power Co. converted flour mill to supply electricity to businesses on Florida and Harvard.

1904   Sidewalks built on north Harvard & in front of Hotel Hemet.

1904   Hemet Odd Fellows Lodge formed.

1906   Hemet Opera House  built on site of Whittier Opera House.

1906 Hemet Woman’s Club formed.

1906   H.E. Bothin Mansion constructed on top of Park Hill.

1906   Hemet-San Jacinto Gas Company formed for home & business heating.

1907   Hemet Chamber of Cammerce organized to work for cityhood.

1907  Farmers & Merchants Bank started NIW comer Harvard & Florida

1908  Howard Rosc Company formed


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